What’s IGNIS?

IGNIS is an incubation center that incubate new ideas and support the startups.

Our concept is “Ignite people’s innovation mind”.

IGNIS is a place where hidden talents with “Flames of Innovation” come across, our professional incubation team that has worked in incubation centers nationwide will fully support the growth of the startups.

  • Entrepreneurship, Business Management

    Our Startup Director and Ambassador will always be available for any supports. In addition, we will introduce finance, law and PR professionals, business matching partners and venture capitalist if needed.

    Who is Ambassador?
    Startup support expert, business expert and entrepreneur, who is knowledgeable to provide you with necessary support. Reservation is not required and you can get their support when they are available at 9F, co-working space.
  • Nationwide Business Expansion Support

    By collaborating with other startup incubation centers, entrepreneurs, support community and government bodies nationwide, we can support you to participate into the startup ecosystem located in nationwide. We will introduce you event that match to your business content and phase, such as presenting in a pitch event, setting up a company, introducing personal and etc.

  • Global Expansion

    With our overseas accelerator program and local government collaboration, we provide support for overseas expansion in North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East and more. We also support international startups to expand their business in Japan.

  • IGNIS Community

    In order to accelerate members’ innovation, we support our community by organizing business meetup events as well as our periodic member meetup events.

  • Event/Seminars

    On-site and online events such as acceleration programs, lecture seminars and various talk events are held with the collaboration with domestic and foreign business entities.

  • Western Japan Facility Usage

    Our partnered facilities in Osaka, Kyoto and Okinawa are available as your meetings and working space during business trips, as well as your branch location, local office at member’ s special discounted price.

  • Business Development

    As a collaborative partner, we can support your business in financing, strategy, PR, and sale which may be difficult to manage within your resource during startup stage.


Startup Director Dr. Boonho Koh

Utilizing my experiences in “IT industry” x “entrepreneur” x “overseas experience” to support startups for their growth.

Startup Director Shun Watanabe

Being a startup, you might feel a lot of fun and worries. IGNIS and I would like to share your laughter and worriedness together as a partner. Please feel free to contact me even a trivial thing.


Noriko Matsumoto

  • #Certified SME consultant
  • #Grant
  • #Women Entrepreneur

Ryuji Kuwana

  • #Agriculture
  • #Biotech
  • #Funding

Toru Aoki

  • #Emploment Law
  • #Labor insurance
  • #Labor Law

Other professionals are also available to support your needs.

Member Plan

Incubation Office (Total 16 rooms)

Capacity Size Monthly Rent
(excl tax)
Monthly common fees
(excl tax)
(incl tax)
2person 4.0m² ¥110,000 ¥10,000 ¥132,000
3person 5.7m² ¥150,000 ¥15,000 ¥181,500
5person 9.5m² ¥270,000 ¥25,000 ¥324,500
6person 11.9m² ¥350,000 ¥30,000 ¥418,000
  • *Usage 24 hours 365 days
  • *For more detail, please contact us.

Mybooth (Fixed desk, Total 4 seats)

Capacity Monthly Rent
(excl tax)
Monthly common fees
(excl tax)
(incl tax)
1person ¥70,000~ ¥5,000 ¥82,500~
  • *Usage 24 hours 365 days
  • *For more detail, please contact us.

Co-working Space

Plan Usage time Total seats Monthly fees
(incl tax)
All day 24 hours 365 days 50seats ¥29,700
Morning/After *1 Weekdays 6~10AM / 6~10PM ¥7,700
Weekend *2 Saturday, Sunday, Public holidays 6AM~10PM ¥9,900
Morning/After & Weekend *1 & 2 ¥12,100
  • *Company address registration is only available for All day plan.

Startup Support (Company address registration & Startup support)

Usage time Monthly fees
(incl tax)
Weekdays 10AM ~ 6PM ¥15,400
  • *Company address registration & startup support is included.
  • *The usage of co-working space is with extra charge of ¥550 (incl tax) /hour.

For Non-member (Drop-in, Meeting room)


Usage time Capacity Facility Fees
(incl tax)
Weekdays 10AM ~ 6PM Limited to 5 person per day WIFI, Free drink ¥1,980 /day
  • *No reservation is needed. Please come directly to our center.

Meeting Room

Usage time Meeting room Capacity Facility Fees
(incl tax)
Weekdays 10AM ~ 10PM
*Please collect the key between 10AM~6PM.
7A 6person WIFI, Whiteboard, Monitor 7A, 7B, 8A, 8B
¥2,200 /hour
7B 4person
8A 4person
8B 4person
8C 8person 8C
¥2,420 /hour
  • *Please contact us for how to make the reservation for the meeting rooms.


7F, 8F, 9F, VORT Suidobashi III, 2-8-11, Kanda-Sarugakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0064

+81-3-6823-7139 (10AM ~ 6PM weekdays)

Contact Us

    • *If you wish to know more about IGNIS, please write down your enquiry and contact here. We will get back to you as soon as possible.
    • *Please write down the available date and time for your visit (weekdays from 10AM~6PM).
    • *If the above schedule doesn’t work, please contact us directly.
    • *For the meeting room usage
      Reservation is open 1 month before the date of use.
      It is available from 10AM until 10PM.
      Please write down (Date and time for usage), (company/organization name), (number of people).
      We will confirm your reservation availability via either email or phone call.
      Our center is with auto-lock system, if you are using the center after 6PM, please come to the receptionist before 6PM to collect the key.